Customized Tour Packages


New Orleans is the ultimate corporate escape. Whether it’s the members of the board, your small business colleagues or hundreds of employees, we can tailor your time in NOLA to make it both seamlessly easy and wonderfully memorable.

Even very in-demand times such as Mardi Gras are possible, no matter the size of your group. We’ll find you a balcony to throw beads from or get you grandstand seats to the best parades. Let us welcome you to luxurious corporate hospitality boxes for major sporting events or music festivals. We can also arrange tours and show your group the best that the city has to offers whether it’s food, music or culture that you’re interested in.

Take a look at our example packages below or some recent case studies and see how we can maximize your time here, whether it needs to be scheduled around conventions or client presentations, or whether it’s entirely leisure-focused. We’ve entertained and impressed some of the world’s most famous corporate names, and we can do the same for you.


Haunted Pub Crawl
  • Ensure maximum enjoyment at the world’s biggest party!
  • Choose from some of New Orleans most luxurious and historic hotel properties, with easy access to the parades and Mardi Gras balls.
  • All transfers arranged in advance. Personal concierge and a well-qualified historian/tour guide to answer questions about the city. VIP city tours.
  • Limousine services to dinners and receptions, passes allowing for police escorts across parade routes for the highest levels of maneuverability.
  • Balcony passes and beads to throw to revelers.
  • Tickets to the largest and most exclusive Mardi Gras balls and even the chance to ride on an actual Mardi Gras float during a parade.
  • Cocktail presentations, jazz brunches, escorted nightlife tours – we can call ahead to make sure your group is looked after, even with spontaneous changes of plan.
New Orleans Custom Tours
  • Come and see where it all started at the birthplace of jazz!
  • Choose from some of New Orleans most luxurious and historic hotel properties, with easy access to the city’s music venues.
  • All transfers arranged in advance. Limousine services to dinners and receptions.
  • Personal concierge and a well-qualified historian/tour guide to answer questions about the city. VIP tour of jazz locations around the city.
  • Private concerts in the city’s most desirable music venues both downtown and uptown, or VIP areas at public concerts. Talks by local jazz experts.
  • Jazz dinners, with private dining options in the city’s best restaurants with personal attention from New Orleans’ best chefs.
  • General sightseeing tours with personal city guides.
New Orleans Custom Tours

Discover life beyond the city limits of New Orleans and discover the wonderful Cajun culture that permeates life in Southern Louisiana. The fantastic scenery and friendly people of the Bayou await – a local expert on the indigenous flora and fauna will lead an exciting airboat tour around the mysterious swamps. You’ll arrive back on dry land to the strains of a zydeco band and then be treated to an authentic crawfish boil or a hog roast – accompanied of course with some typically local drinks.

New Orleans Custom Tours
  • Places of Interest begin at the Elms Mansion on St. Charles Avenue (Private Tour of one of the most ornate homes in New Orleans). Many people do not realize that the Grand Plantations of the Antebellum South were predominately used as businesses and are rather plain on the inside. The landed gentry’ planters who owned these plantations lived in much more ornate homes in the Garden District which they used as more permanent residences for entertaining. It really helps to open the tour with an understanding of the long lost aristocratic like culture of this old ruling class.
  • On the 45 minute ride out to the plantation country, the Historian will provide the guests with an overview of what life was like in the Antebellum south and why these plantation were so important to the Agrarian based economy of the South leading up to the outbreak of the American Civil War.
  • Tour Laura Plantation. Unfortunately the Historian Tour Guide will not be allowed to give the tour of this house, but the in-house guides do a great job and it is a rather interesting and informative tour providing a lot of backdrop into the old Creole era of plantation life and culture.
  • Private Lunch at Houmas House Plantation in the Carriage House.
  • Tour of the grounds at Oak Alley Plantation
New Orleans Custom Tours

Let us whisk you and your group away with a chauffeur tour of New Orleans wonderful world of antiques. Explore the history of the city through its historic artifacts as an antique expert or art historian brings priceless works to life. See the private collections of some homes that are not generally open to the public, or have personalized tours of some of the most exclusive antique stores in town, including such names a MS Rau.

New Orleans Custom Tours

The celebrity homes of the stunning Garden District neighborhood, such as that of A-list Hollywood star Sandra Bullock, are available for private hire. We can arrange some fine dining at the hands of local celebrity chefs such as John Besh, along with a private cocktail reception, where a long time Brennan's or Tujague’s family member will give an informal talk about the history of Creole cuisine and New Orleans’ old, family-owned restaurants.

New Orleans Custom Tours
  • 1830s experience
  • Fine dining on a New Orleans Paddlewheel boat with period furnishings
  • Privately catered
  • Staff and servers with period dress
  • Period gaming tables
  • Live jazz band
  • You may even get to steer the paddle boat!
New Orleans Custom Tours

Take an exciting in-depth look at the historic bars and speakeasies frequented by such famous figures as Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain and JD Rockefeller. You can sample the prohibition era cocktails invented at many of these famous establishments – sip a Grasshopper at Tujague's or a Sazerac at the Carousel Bar in the Monteleone Hotel. Learn some Mardi Gras History at The Hermes Bar at Antoine's and take a private tour of their wine cellar, which takes up an entire city block and is arguably the most valuable private collection in the country.